Maharashtra’s 9 family members’ suicide brings back horror of Burari death πŸ’₯πŸ‘©πŸ‘©πŸ’₯

The horror of Delhi’s Burari deaths is back to haunt us as the suspected suicide of 9 members of the same family in Maharashtra’s Sangli comes to light. Police said that the absence of any external injuries indicates that it was a suicide pact.

The bodies were found in the houses of two brothers, located 1.5 km apart, in Mhaisal village in the western Maharashtra district, over 350km from the state capital Mumbai. As many as 6 bodies were recovered from the first house, and 3 from the second.

What is the Burari death case?

The incidents remind us of 2018’s spine-chilling event of the mass suicide of the 11 members of the Chundwat family in Delhi’s Burari region. All were found hanging with their eyes blindfolded, hands and legs tied, inside their house.

Initially, the police registered a murder case but subsequent investigations and recovery of registers that detailed a set of rituals to be followed, gave the case a new dimension. In order to crack the case, the police had to delve into occult, psychology, superstition and the latest investigative techniques.

One of the forensic officials who had visited the site at that time stated that he was scared to see so many bodies hanging at the same time.

The docuseries titled ‘House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths’, aimed at piecing together various developments in the case, was released last year on Netflix.

The mystery behind the 9 deaths in Maharashtra’s Sangli

Hinting that the suspected suicides could be trigged by financial issues, Ashok Virkar, Deputy superintendent of police (Miraj division), told Indian Express, β€œWe have found what appears to be a suicide note. The nine deceased belong to the families of two brothers – a veterinarian and a teacher – based at Mhaisal. All the initial clues point to the deaths being the result of a suicide pact.”

A preliminary probe suggests that the duo had heavily borrowed money from various people, they said.

Police also added that there are no signs of any external injury and hence, it is suspected that the death occurred due to poisoning. A probe has been launched.

(With inputs from agencies)

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Maharashtra’s 9 family members’ suicide brings back horror of Burari death

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