Austin shooting incident: Shocking gunfire in β€˜peaceful’ neighbourhood leaves two dead πŸ’₯πŸ‘©πŸ‘©πŸ’₯

In a recent development in the Northwest Austin neighborhood, two men in their early 60s were found dead after police responded to a call about a shooting Monday afternoon.

The Austin Police Department said the shooting occurred in the 8700 block of Bluegrass Drive, near Spicewood Springs Road, Loop 360.

Reports suggest that one of the men was found dead on the terrace, while the other was found inside the home. Both were reported to be deceased at the scene.

Austin officials believe β€˜one deceased may be involved’ in the shooting

The Austin Police Department said officials answered the location at around 12:19 pm after an emergency call about shots nearby.

When the officers arrived, they discovered one of the men had died on the lawn, while another adult male was found in the home.

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Austin officials supposedly believe that the incident could have been termed a murder-suicide because one of the deceased may have been the shooter. Austin Police Detective Marcus Davis said,

β€œWe don’t believe that this is a threat to the public. We believe that this is an isolated incident between two individuals.”

He went on to say,

β€œWe have our homicide detectives currently on the scene as well our victim services and crime scene personnel. This is going to be an active scene for the next few hours and for now we don’t have much information other than we don’t believe that this was a threat to the public. We believe that this was an isolated incident between two individuals. β€œ

As indicated by APD, the two departed men knew one another. However, the police didn’t say if they were connected or the two inhabited the home.

A third male older than the two departed was put in an emergency vehicle on the scene for about thirty minutes yet didn’t seem to have any wounds.

Davis added:

“You know generally this is a pretty quiet and peaceful area. We don’t get a lot of phone calls in this area so this is fairly unsual for this particular place.”

Police revealed that the closest relatives had been informed and the identities of the dead men might be given out on Tuesday.

A shooting in northwest Austin has left a usual quiet neighborhood shaken after two men in their early 60s were killed. Police are investigating this as a suspicious death but say there is no threat to the public.

Mass shootings and gun violence are alarmingly increasing in the United States

On May 24, at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, 19 kids and two educators were killed by a shooter. Only ten days before that, a white shooter was booked in a racially spurred shooting in a supermarket in Buffalo, N.Y., that left ten black Individuals dead.

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These unfortunate occurrences are among the furthest down the line mass shootings to shake the US. In the US, firearm brutality occurrences are on the ascent.

In 2021, almost 21,000 individuals were killed by guns (excluding suicides), per the Gun Violence Incidents, a web-based data set of U.S. weapon brutality episodes. That is a 33 percent expansion from 2017, the year that gun-related wounds usurped engine vehicle crashes as the most well-known reason for death among youngsters and youths.

Austin shooting incident: Shocking gunfire in β€˜peaceful’ neighbourhood leaves two dead

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