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Taffari Celestine, a 24-year-elderly person from Phoenix, is distinguished as a suspect in killing two people named Danika Aiken and Eric Sands that happened late on Sunday at a condo close to twentieth Avenue and Hadley Street prior to ending his own life.

As per specialists, Phoenix police are exploring a twofold homicide self destruction that happened late Sunday in a loft close to twentieth Avenue and Hadley Street.


Eric Sands, 38, and Danica Aiken, 29, were recognized as the casualties by police on Monday. Taffari Celestine, 24, was named as the suspect. Around 11:50 p.m., cops showed up at the scene and found Sands, who had been killed external a loft.

Who Is Taffari Celestine Phoenix? Danica Aiken and Eric Sands Murder-Suicide Taffari Celestine, 24, was the ex of Danica Aiken, 29, and Eric Sands, 38, was Danica’s ongoing sweetheart. Police authorities are exploring what they said is a twofold homicide self destruction.

Not long before 12 PM, disorder ejected around nineteenth Avenue and Buckeye Road. Taffari Celestine purportedly went over from Tucson and greeted his ex Danica Aiken and her ongoing sweetheart, Eric Sands, in the front yard.

Celestine supposedly shot and killed Sands by then. β€œI heard a shout, shouting, and requesting help, and afterward I heard three discharges,” a neighbor who reached 911 guaranteed. She wished to remain unidentified.

β€œI heard a gunfire once more after that.” β€œBy then, the other honorable man fell on the ground.”

Taffari Celestine Wikipedia Biography Taffari Celestine doesn’t have a Wikipedia page. He was the ex of Danica Aiken who was unfortunately killed by him. An observer let police know that they saw somebody force Aiken into a loft and afterward heard slugs.

An extraordinary tasks unit was dispatched to the home, where they found Aiken, who had been shot to death, and Celestine, who had died from a self-incurred discharge wound.

The 911 guest expressed she could hear Aiken attempting to escape, however Celestine appeared to be hauling her inside. β€œThree additional shots were heard, and afterward it hushed up,” she guaranteed.

Taffari Celestine Obituary The tribute of Taffari Celestine has not been delivered on the web. Celestine purportedly shot and killed Aiken inside the house prior to directing the gun back toward himself, as indicated by police.

Officials terminated a glimmer bomb to attempt to stand out for the shooter, however when inside, they found Aiken and Celestine dead. The Arizona Game and Fish Department showed up on the site, put an elk calf in a transporter, and shipped it away, however authorities say it died before long.

As indicated by the neighbor, the couple had as of late moved home, however she habitually heard them battling outside. Murder criminal investigators are exploring to see more about what happened.

Who Is Taffari Celestine Phoenix? Danica Aiken and Eric Sands Were Victim On Murder Suicide | TG Time

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