Indiana Basketball: The 2022-23 roster πŸ’₯πŸ‘©πŸ‘©πŸ’₯

Below is the updated IU basketball roster for the 2022-23 campaign, reflecting player additions and departures since the end of the season, and staff changes.

Click on each player’s name for our ongoing summer development series. For information on jersey number changes and other minor updates, GO HERE.

The 2022-23 season is expected to to begin on or around Nov. 8. For known aspects of the schedule, GO HERE.

(Note: this post has been added to our IU basketball drop down menu for future reference. We will continue to make updates as warranted.)

Jersey Name Height Weight Position Class (Eligibility) Hometown
0 Xavier Johnson 6-3 200 Guard Senior+ (Senior) Woodbridge, Va.
1 Jalen Hood-Schifino 6-6 215 Guard Freshman (Freshman) Pittsburgh, Pa.
3 Anthony Leal 6-5 202 Guard Junior (Soph.) Bloomington, Ind.
4 Michael Shipp 6-3 190 Guard Senior (Junior)-WO Cincinnati, Ohio
5 Malik Reneau 6-9 235 Forward Freshman (Freshman) Miami, Fla.
10 Kaleb Banks 6-7 200 Forward Freshman (Freshman) Hampton, Ga.
11 C.J. Gunn 6-6 186 Guard Freshman (Freshman) Indianapolis, Ind.
12 Miller Kopp 6-7 215 Forward Senior+ (Senior) Houston, Texas
13 Shaan Burke 6-5 185 Guard Soph. (Freshman)-WO San Diego, Calif.
14 Nathan Childress 6-6 212 Forward Senior (Junior)-WO Zionsville, Ind.
22 Jordan Geronimo 6-6 220 Forward Junior (Soph.) Newark, N.J.
23 Trayce Jackson-Davis 6-9 245 Forward Senior (Junior) Greenwood, Ind.
25 Race Thompson 6-8 235 Forward R-Senior+ (R-Senior) Plymouth, Minn.
31 Hogan Orbaugh 6-8 235 Forward Junior (Soph.)-WO Zionsville, Ind.
32 Trey Galloway 6-4 203 Guard Junior (Soph.) Culver, Ind.
51 Logan Duncomb 6-10 235 Center Soph. (Soph.) Cincinnati, Ohio
53 Tamar Bates 6-5 190 Guard Soph. (Soph.) Kansas City, Kan.
WO – Walk-on
R – Redshirt
Head Coach Mike Woodson
Associate Head Coach Kenya Hunter
Associate Head Coach Yasir Rosemond
Assistant Coach Brian Walsh
Dir. Basketball Admin Armond Hill
Dir. Basketball Ops Steven Surface
Dir. Athletic Perf. Clif Marshall
Trainer Tim Garl
Dir. Recruiting Jordan Hulls

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Indiana Basketball: The 2022-23 roster

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