After being shot in the head, a playmate of Playboy Mansion was discovered naked. – Techno Trenz πŸ’₯πŸ‘©πŸ‘©πŸ’₯

Dorothy Stratten, 20, was found dead after being shot in the head by her estranged husband, putting an end to her promising modeling career.

After joining up for a nude photoshoot with Playboy two years prior to her murder, Stratten, 20, was linked with American magazine publisher Hugh Hefner, who had high hopes for Stratten’s career as an actress.

When she was just a teenager in 1978, the aspiring actress offered Playboy magazine a photoshoot and soon began working at the notorious Playboy Mansion.

Stratten’s career as an actress was jeopardized, however, when her estranged husband Paul Snider shot and killed her in a heinous murder-suicide.

Paul Snider, Dorothy’s envious husband, committed the heinous murder of Dorothy Stratten.

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Stratten, whose real name is Dorothy Ruth Hoogstraten, had previously worked with Paul Snider, a club promoter and pimp who had orchestrated the initial photoshoot that catapulted Stratten into the spotlight.

The 20-year-old was pushed into Hollywood features and alleged affairs with big-name directors while pursuing a career with the American magazine, putting her marriage to Snider under strain.

According to The Independent, Hefner warned Stratton about Snider’s β€œpimp-like quality.”

On August 14, 1980, her estranged husband Paul Snider shot and killed Stratton.

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Snider married Stratten in June 1979, a year after she relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her Playboy career.

However, her career was cut short when Snider committed a murder-suicide on August 14, 1980, in which Stratten was shot and Snider committed suicide.

Snider’s jealousy over Stratton’s relationship with Peter Bogdanovich, the legendary American filmmaker who directed Stratten’s final film, They All Laughed, is said to have motivated the heinous murder.

Snider murdered the 20-year-old Stratten before her career took off, so her final role was a posthumous release.

In 1980, Paul Sneider (left) committed a chilling murder suicide by shooting Stratten.

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According to a Playboy magazine feature written by Richard Rhodes, Snider murdered Stratten on August 14, 1980, the day after purchasing a 12-gauge pump-action shotgun and chillingly claiming he was β€œgoing to take up hunting.”

Stratten is said to have planned a meeting with Snider to settle the couple’s property claims, despite the model’s friends advising her not to go near her estranged husband at the time.

Hefner and Bogdanovich, according to Grunge, were among those who advised her against meeting with Snider.

After going to check on Snider and Stratten, Snider’s roommates discovered them dead.

Stratton appeared in a few films, including They All Laughed, which was released after his death.

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They discovered the two dead and naked on the floor, with Snider allegedly sexually assaulting Stratten before shooting her in the face with a shotgun and then turning the gun on himself.

β€œIt looked like it was a horror movie β€” a staged horror movie,” Patti Laurman, the woman who discovered the couple, told ABC News. That’s a mental image that will never leave my head.”

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After being shot in the head, a playmate of Playboy Mansion was discovered naked. – Techno Trenz

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